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Hence “thumbs up”, that t3n takes up such a difficult tech topic here! And then still so soulful. The subject is touching. Many a reader of the t3n Tinder article comments impressively on the feelings triggered here, and thus regulates himself mentally to endure what is read here on t3n legit hookup sites. Unfortunately, what Tinder cannot do is protect the Tinder user from themselves when using Tinder. He or she still has to do it himself. One or the other Tinder user, as well as the columnist, assign their own emotional attachment wounds to the newly found Tinder people on Tinder. And in order not to come into psychological contact with these still open wounds, the picture is then simply swiped to the left. It’s as simple as that. The wound still gapes in your own soul, but reflection is rarely the order of the day. It could hurt. Mental growth cannot take place like this. Mental growth always only takes place in the mental danger zone, never in the mental comfort zone. Unfortunately. That’s why so many social zombies are out there wondering why they can’t find a partner. Mindfulness and self-awareness is different.

Why not mention how the women feel on Tinder instead of the men bashing?

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